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Auktion: Mechanical Music, Cameras, Scientific & Collectors Items
wurde versteigert am: 7. Dezember 2010
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An AMI 'Mother-of-Plastic' jukebox,

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Model A, 1946, No. 4342, with forty 78rpm record selection, on 1c, 10c and 25c play, in large, shaped walnut veneered cabinet, with the arched moulded opal acrylic panels illuminated from behind, central record rack and turntable viewing window, flanked by title cards and push buttons, inverted keystone-form panel below and colour drums behind lower light plaques, highlighted with chrome castings and triple head fins; with a spare set of push buttons and mirror glass back panel - 69in. (175cm) high

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Auktionshaus: Bonhams London
Titel: Mechanical Music, Cameras, Scientific & Collectors Items
Auktionsdatum: 07.12.2010
Adresse: Bonhams London
Knowle The Old House Station Road Knowle Solihull B93 0HT Tel: +44 1564 776 151 Fax : +44 1564 778 069 [email protected]