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Auktion: Fine Art & Antiques
wurde versteigert am: 6. Juni 2017
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An Amber-Glazed Marbled Pottery Cup

Schätzpreis: 100.000 SEK - 150.000 SEK
ca. 11.474 $ - 17.211 $
Zuschlagspreis:  n. a.
Los-Nr. 1036, Aufrufe: 34

An Amber-Glazed Marbled Pottery Cup, the rounded sides rising from a short splayed foot to a gently flaring rim, the brown and white clay marbled to produce a design of mixed dark and light irregular swirling stripes, covered overall in a clear amber glaze, stopping near the foot, revealing the unglazed body, Tang dynasty (618-906), according to Thermoluminescence Report from Oxford Authentication Ltd, England, 6 April 2017, diameter c. 9.5 cm; wear, minor nicks, firing defects NOTE: Wares of this type, known in Chinese as jiao tai, were a Tang dynasty innovation created by twisting and kneading together different coloured clays. Compare with a similar cup sold at Sotheby's, The Pilkington Collection of Chinese Art, Hong Kong 6 April 2016, lot 75

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Titel: Fine Art & Antiques
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