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Auktion: Auction 23.04.2001
wurde versteigert am: 23. April 2001
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ALLIACO, Petrus de (1350-1420). Tractatus et sermones . Strassburg: [Printer of the 1483 Jordanus de Quedlinburg (Georg Husner)], 1490.

Schätzpreis: 20.000 $ - 30.000 $
Zuschlagspreis:  23.500 $
Los-Nr. 12, Aufrufe: 44

ALLIACO, Petrus de (1350-1420). Tractatus et sermones . Strassburg: [Printer of the 1483 Jordanus de Quedlinburg (Georg Husner)], 1490. Chancery 2 o (268 x 193 mm). Collation: a-f 8 . 6 g-z 6 A-B 6 C 8 (a1r title, a1v blank, a2r Speculum considerationis , b5v Compendium contemplationis , d4r De quatuor gradibus scale spiritualis ex dictis beati Bernardi , d5r Verbum abbreviatum super libro psalmorum , f6v Devota meditatio super psalmum In te domine speravi , g2r Meditatio seu expositio super totum eundem psalmum , g3v Devota meditatio super psalmo Iudica me deus , g5v Expositio super Cantica canticorum , i5v Tractatus super septem psalmis penitentialibus , l1v Tractatus de oratione dominica , m3r Oratio dominica anagogice exposita , m3v Tractatus super tribus evangelii canticis [ Devota meditatio super Ave Maria, Tractatus de cantico Zacharie, Tractatus super cantico Simeonis prophete ], n5r Epilogus de quadruplici exercitio spirituali , o1r Tractatus de duodecim honoribus sancti Joseph , o5r Tractatus de anima et accidentibus eius , s1r Sermones , c7v colophon, c8 blank). 163 leaves (of 164, without the final blank). 52 lines and headline, double column. Types: 1:160G (title, headlines, etc.), 4:80G (text). Seven-, five-, four- and three-line initial spaces, with printed guide letters. Rubricated with red Lombard initials and a few underlines, one blue Lombard flourished red on a2r. (Some foxing, intermittent dampstains to lower margins, tiny losses to blank lower margin of a1, h1 reinforced at inner margin, clean tear to 06.) Second edition, following the one printed by the Brussels Brethren of the Common Life between 1481 and 1483. HC 848*; BMC I, 141 (IB. 2045); CIBN A-262; BSB-Ink. P-329; Harvard/Walsh 243; Goff A-488. [ Bound with :] NOGAROLUS, Leonardus (fl. 15th century). De mundi aeternitate . [Vicenza]: Henricus de Sancto Ursio, Zenus, 31 January 1486. Chancery 2 o. Collation: a 1 0 b-k 6 l-m 8 (a1 blank, a2r text, m7v colophon and register, m8 blank). 80 leaves. 54 lines, double column. Types: 5:120G (incipits), 4:80G (text). Nine-, three- and two-line initial spaces, some with printed guide letters. Unrubricated. Blank space on h3r preceded by the legend "Vide figuras". (Some foxing to first and last blank leaves.) FIRST EDITION and the only incunable edition. As noted by BMC, these types were used only in the present edition and in the same printer's edition of Nogarolus' De beatitudine , completed 29 November 1485 (see below). The sheets of De beatitudine are listed in the first column of the register to this edition of De mundi eternitate . HC 11894*; BMC VII, 1045 (IB. 31841); BSB-Ink. N-211; CIBN N-151; IGI 6922; Vatican N-78; Goff N-262. [ Bound with :] NOGAROLUS, Leonardus. Liber de obiecto intellectus . Vicenza: Leonardus Achates de Basilea, 1497. Super-chancery 2 o. Collation: a-b 6 c 4 d 4(d4+1) (a1r title, a1v author's dedication to Antonius Salernitanus and Sanctorus Siculus, a2r text, d4v colophon, d4+1r diagram, d4+1v blank). 21 leaves. 54 lines, double column. Types: 11:170G (title), 6:88R (text). Two white-on-black initials (ca. 49 x 40 mm), P (altered from R) and Q from the large set of white-on-black initials used in the printer's 1491 edition of Euclid. Typographical table with printed circles on a6r, circular diagram of the Ptolemaic universe with letterpress text on d1+1r. Blank space at the bottom of b4v col. 2. Blind bearer type visible at foot of a1v. (Dampstain to lower margins, cropped to the dimensions of the chancery folio editions with which it is bound.) FIRST EDITION and the only incunable edition. According to BMC, the title type is found only in this edition. As called for by BMC, the signature on b3 has been corrected from a3 by overstamping. The diagram found on a single leaf at the end of this copy belongs to this edition, although it is not recorded as present in the British Library, Munich or Freiburg im Breisgau copies. It is printed with the same type as the text

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Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 23.04.2001
Auktionsdatum: 23.04.2001
Adresse: Christie's
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