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Auktion: Design
wurde versteigert am: 24. Mai 2007
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Alessandro Mendini

Schätzpreis: 40.000 $ - 60.000 $
Zuschlagspreis:  54.000 $
Los-Nr. 254, Aufrufe: 43

Alessandro Mendini Rare and important “Scivolando” chair 1983 Mirrored glass, wood. Manufactured by Gavina S.p.A, Italy for Alchimia. From the "Collezione Oggetti Senza Tempo" (Timeless Object Collection). 55 1/8 in. (140 cm) high
Provenance mouvements modernes, Paris, France Exhibited Museo Alchimia, Milan, 1983 Literature Albrecht Bangert, Italian Furniture Design: Ideas Styles Movements, Munich, 1988, p. 91; Charlotte and Peter Fiell, eds., Design of the 20th Century, Cologne, 1999, p. 35; Charlotte and Peter Fiell, eds., Domus Vol. IX 1980-1984, Cologne, 2006, pp. 224-225 and 455 Catalogue Essay Italian architect, painter, writer and theorist Alessandro Mendini is revered for his revolutionary approach to design as well as his ability to provide creative solutions for everyday living. Considered one of the ‘fathers’ of Italian postmodernism, Mendini has influenced young designers by constantly challenging the design status quo. His work with Studio Alchimia championed banal, inconsequential and kitsch furniture, questioning established attitudes towards value and function and encouraging individual thinking. In the early 1980s Mendini and Studio Alchimia created pieces based on icons of Modernism to challenge the long-held association between good design, good taste and the modern aesthetic. The Scivolando chair takes that notion one step further by elevating a common object to a new height, one where the spirit of the chair, the story it tells, and the lyrical quality are held above function. This design takes a common form and materials and transforms them into a valuable object by placing the chair at a slightly off-kilter angle so as to posit the object in a new light. There are four examples of this chair: one in silver, one in red, and two in glass. Read More

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Phillips
Titel: Design
Auktionsdatum: 24.05.2007
Adresse: Phillips
24 May 2007 2pm New York