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Auktion: Antiquarian Books and Manuscripts
wurde versteigert am: 5. Juni 2021
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Aldine Press, 6 volumes of Classical texts, 1516-1575, various bindings

Schätzpreis: 1.500 £ - 2.000 £
ca. 2.124 $ - 2.832 $
Zuschlagspreis:  n. a.
Los-Nr. 41, Aufrufe: 8

Aldine Press A collection of 6 works of Classical literature, comprising: CICERO, Marcus Tullius. De philosophia, pars prima (-volumen secundam) [edited by Paolo Manuzio]. Venice: sons of Aldus, 1546, 2 volumes in one, 8vo, woodcut Aldine device on title-pages and final versos, with blank leaf g4, early nineteenth-century half calf over marbled boards, [Edit16 12270; Renouard 137/11-12], lacking the Tusculanae quaestiones (second part of the first volume), binding slightly rubbed CICERO. Epistolae ad Atticum... cum suis commentariis separatim impressis, auctore Paulo Manutio. Venice: sons of Aldus, 1548, 8vo, woodcut Aldine device on title-page, without final blank, nineteenth-century half calf rebacked in cloth, signature and bookplate of Henry Richards Luard (1825-1891), bookplate of John Wyndham Bruce (1802-1869), [Edit16 12279; Renouard 143/4], slight damage to text on Y6v, quire DD lightly browned LIVIUS, Titus. Historiarum in urbe condita, libri, qui extant, XXXV. Cum universae historiae epitomis, a Carolo Sigonio emendati. Venice: Paolo Manuzio, 1555, part one only (of 2, without the scholia), folio, woodcut Aldine device on title-page, woodcut initials, old calf, inscription of William Reynolds of Streatham, [Edit16 27997; Renouard 166/15, both parts], slight damp-staining, crudely rebacked and hard to open OVIDIUS NASO, Publius. Metamorphoseon libri XV. (Venice): Aldus (in the house of Aldus and Andrea Torresani, February 1516), 8vo, woodcut Aldine device on title-page and section title, without blank leaf at end of preliminaries, nineteenth-century red pebbled calf, gilt edges, washed signature "Josephi Ghezzii" on title-page (Giuseppe Ghezzi?), inscribed by V. di Ravelli, London, 1913, [Edit16 47168, all 3 volumes; Renouard 78/9], joints rubbed TERENTIUS AFER, Publius. A M. Antonio Mureto emendatus. Venice: Aldus, 1575, 8vo, woodcut device on title-page, woodcut armorial on verso of title-page, carta rustica, UNCUT, initials W.T. at head of flyleaf, Richard Heber's Bibliotheca Heberiana stamp [sale, Sotheby's, 8 May 1834, lot 6658, £1-15s to Thorpe, "very rare" but no mention of lacking scholia], early annotations, [Edit16 27529; Renouard 219/13], lacking the scholia, A2-3 remargined VERGILIUS MARO, Publius. [Opera] Pauli Manutii adnotationibus, in libri margine ob studiosorum commodum adscriptis, illustratus. Venice: Paolo Manuzio, 1558, 8vo, woodcut device on title-page and final verso (otherwise blank), F8 misbound after F1, nineteenth-century red leather by C. Smith with the Aldine device stamped in gilt, spine gilt in compartments, gilt edges, armorial bookplate of William Henry Smith [sale, Sotheby's, 16 July 1945, lot 87, £5-5s to Orion], [Edit16 26403; Renouard 174/12 ("très rare et bien exécutée")], joints rubbedCondition reportCondition is described in the main body of the cataloguing, where appropriate Condition 11 of the Conditions of Business for Buyers (Online Only) is not applicable to this lot. The lot is sold in the condition it is in at the time of sale. The

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