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Auktion: Art & Design Post 1880
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* AFTER FRANCIS BACON (1909-1992) 'Three Studies For Figures At The Base…

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* AFTER FRANCIS BACON (1909-1992) 'Three Studies For Figures At The Base Of A Crucifixion' Official Tate Gallery lithographic poster, 50cm x 70cm (unframed) The title of this work refers to figures that are often featured in Christian paintings of the death of Jesus. Bacon said the figures in his work represented the Furies, ancient Greek goddesses. They punished human wrongdoing. The work was first shown publicly in April 1945. The Second World War was in its final months, after six years of conflict. The first photographs and film footage of Nazi concentration camps were being released. For some, Bacon’s painting reflected the horror of the Holocaust, in which six million Jewish people were murdered. It was also seen to reflect the fear caused by the development of nuclear weapons.

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Titel: Art & Design Post 1880
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