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Modeled by the late Lewis J. LaPorte (1920-2005), a master cabinetmaker, carver, and wooden ship-builder from Marlborough, Massachusetts. This plank-on-frame model was built in 1974, with every feature handcrafted down to the smallest fitting. The frames are exposed below the main wales and planked with trenails over, lower deck with semi-closed port lids and gilt-wreathed upper ports, gilt figurehead and stern decoration, semi-planked decks with details including belaying rails, gratings, companionways, capstan with bars, stern lights, and other details. In 2010, Master Ship Modeler Bill J. F. Pomphrey completed the ship with standing and running rigging with wooden blocks, also all hand fabricated with exception of the flags, and completed a glazed wooden case with plaque. Cased measurements: 37-1/2" x 38" x 18"; model: 31" x 33" x 8". The original Royal Katherine was an 84-gun, second rate, line-of-battle ship launched in 1664 at Woolwich Dockyard. She fought at Lowestoft, The Four Days’ Battle, and St. James Day Battle during the Second Anglo-Dutch War and at Solebay and Schooneveld in the Third Anglo-Dutch War. With a giclee print of a painting of the original ship. Lot of 2. JLK Name Value Paperwork Provenance, painting

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