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A. v. Humboldt | Autograph letter to the explorer and botanist Hinrich Lichtenstein, 1832?

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Humboldt, Alexander von Autograph letter signed ("A Humboldt") to Hinrich Lichtenstein referring to the death of Cuvier, and enclosing with the note an interesting letter on that subject [not included here] from Valenciennes, and excusing himself from their meeting on Monday as he must accompany the king to Potsdam for a few days Da Sie gewiss alles interessiert was Cuvier's Tod...schildert, so schikke ich Ihnen einen neuen recht interessanten Brief von Valenciennes... 1 page, 14 x 13.5cm, cut down from a larger leaf, with a later paper sleeve addressed by Marie Hoffmeister née Lichtenstein to Ernst Rudorff, [Berlin?,] Saturday, [1832?] A little note which links four great C19th men of learning: Humboldt himself, the French naturalists and zoologists Georges Cuvier (1769-1832) and Achille Valenciennes (1794-1865), and the physician, explorer, botanist and zoologist Hinrich Lichtenstein (1780-1857). PROVENANCE: Formerly in the collection of the Berlin pianist and teacher Ernst Rudorff (1840-1916).

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