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A Telecrypto 53 electromechanical wheel-based cipher machine,

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A Telecrypto 53 electromechanical wheel-based cipher machine, Swiss, circa 1955, No. 075, the painted metal case with carrying handles at the sides and front cover opening to control panel and connection points, the top section containing the cipher wheels concealed behind a panel and visible through twelve apertures, four cipher wheels on the left and eight stepping wheels on the right, below are connections to the peripheral equipment such as a teleprinter and amplifier together with both AC and DC power connections, the lid mounted with leads, spares and accessories, 17in x 14in x 10in (43cm x 36cm x 25.5cm) Fußnoten The TC-53 cipher machine was developed by Dr. Edgar Gretener in Zurich about 1953 and was initially built for the Swiss Army but later supplied to other countries such as Austria. Based on the earlier TC-35 that was jointly developed by Edgar Gretener and Boris Hegelin. For further information see:

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