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A study library of reference books and auction catalogues mostly relating to Japanese art

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Including, Ayers, John, Impey, Oliver, Mallet, J. V. G., Porcelain for Palaces: the Fashion for Japan in Europe 1650-1750, Oriental Ceramic Society, London, 1990; Bandini, Rosemary, Shishi and other Netsuke: the Collection of Harriet Szechenyi, Rosemary Bandini, London, 1999; Bushell, Raymond, Collectors' Netsuke, Weatherhill, Tokyo, 1971; Bushell, Raymond, Netsuke Familiar and Unfamiliar: New Principles for Collecting, Weatherhill, New York, 1975; Bushell, Raymond, The Inro Handbook: Studies of Netsuke, Inro and Lacquer, Weatherhill, New York, 1989; Bushell, Raymond, The Netsuke Handbook of Ueda Reikichi, Tuttle, Rutland & Tokyo, 1988; Coben, Lawrence A. and Ferster, Dorothy C., Japanese Cloisonné: History, Technique, and Appreciation, Tuttle, Rutland & Tokyo, 1990; Cohen, George, In Search of Netsuke & Inro, Jacey, Birmingham, 1974; Davey, Neil K. and Tripp, Susan P., The Garrett Collection, Japanese Art: Lacquer Inro Netsuke, Dauphin Publishing Ltd., London, 1993; Earle, Joe, Japanese Art and Design, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1986; Earle, Joe, Netsuke: Fantasy and Reality in Japanese Miniature Sculpture, Museum of Fine Arts Publications, Boston, 2001; Eskenazi Ltd., Japanese Netsuke from the Carré Collection, Eskenazi Ltd., London, 1993; Hutt, Julia, Japanese Netsuke, V&A Publications, London, 2003; Jahss, Melvin and Jahss, Betty, Inro and other miniature forms of Japanese Lacquer Art, Tuttle, Rutland & Tokyo, 2000; Joly, Henri L. and Tomita, Kumasaku, Japanese Art & Handicraft, Sawers-Valansot Publication, London, 1976; Joly, Henri L., Legend in Japanese Art, Tuttle, Rutland & Tokyo, 1983; Joly, Henri L., Shosankenshu: Joly's list of Names and Kakihan, Holland Press, London, 1963; Jonas, F.M., Netsuke, Tuttle, Rutland & Tokyo, 2000; Kennedy, Alan, Japanese Costume History and Tradition, Adam Biro, Paris, 1990; Kinsey, Miriam, Contemporary Netsuke, Tuttle, Rutland & Tokyo, 1977; Klein, Adalbert, translated by Watson, Katherine, A Connoisseur's Guide to Japanese Ceramics, Alpine Fine Arts Collection, London, 1987; Kopp, Albert J. and Inada, Hogitarō, Japanese Names and How to Read Them: A Manual for Art Collectors and Students, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1972; Lane, Richard, Images from the Floating World: the Japanese Print, Alpine Fine Arts Collection, Fribourg, 1978; Lawrence, Louis and Brozman, Shep, Japanese Inro from the Brozman Collection, Genlux Holdings, London, 1993; Lawrence, Louis, Satsuma: masterpieces from the world's important collections, Dauphin, London, 1991; Masatoshi, Bushell, Raymond, The Art of Netsuke Carving, Weatherhill, New York, 1992; Meinertzhagen, Frederick, The Art of the Netsuke Carver, Kurstin-Schneider, Florida, 1975; Michener, James A., Japanese Prints: From the Early Masters to the Modern, Tuttle, Vermont & Tokyo, 1959; O'Brien, Mary Louise, Netsuke: A Guide for Collectors, Tuttle, Rutland & Tokyo, 1989; Okada, Barbara Teri in collaboration with Neill, Mary Gardener, Real and Imaginary Beings: the Netsuke Collection of Joseph and Edith Kurstin, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, 1980; Self, James and Hirose, Nobuko, Japanese Art Signatures, Bamboo Publishing Ltd., London, 1987; Severn, Beverley, Netsuke from the Collection of D. H. N. Sellers, 1975; Smith, Lawrence, Harris, Victor, Clark, Timothy, Japanese Art: Masterpieces in the British Museum, British Museum, London, 1990; Watson, Professor William, The Great Japan Exhibition: Art of the Edo Period 1600-1868, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1981; also further Japanese reference books, Chinese reference books and a selection of texts on world mythology. (a lot).

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