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Auktion: Fine Asian Works of Art
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A selection of books on Chinese ceramics

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Including: The S.C. Ko Tianminlou Collection of Chinese Ceramics, John Ayers, two volumes in Chinese and English, in original hardboard slipcase, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Urban Council, first edition, 1987. Chinese Glazes: Their Origins, Chemistry and Recreation, Nigel Wood, A and C Black, London, 1999 Briques et Objets Céramiques Funéraires Appartnenant à C. T. Loo et Cie [Ceramic Funerary Objects from the C. T. Loo Collection], Olov Jansé, Les éditions d'art et d'histoire, Paris, 1936. Tomb Tile Pictures of Ancient China, William Charles White, University of Toronto Press, 1939. Prehistoric Pottery in China, G. D. Wu, Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, 1938. Pre-Tang Ceramics of China: Chinese Pottery from 4000 BC to 600 AD, William Watson, Faber and Faber, London, 1991. From Court to Caravan: Chinese Tomb Sculptures from the Collection of Anthony M. Solomon, Virginia L. Bower, Harvard University Art Museums, Yale University Press, New Haven, 2002. An Exhibition of Tang Pottery Selected from the Collection of Alan and Simone Hartman (2 copies), Margaret Medley, The International Ceramics Fair and Seminar, London, 1989. A Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Malcolm Macdonald Collection of Chinese Ceramics, Ireneus Laszlo Legeza, Oxford University Press, London, 1972. Ice and Green Clouds: Traditions of Chinese Celadon, Yutaka Mino and Katherine R. Tsiang, Indianapolis museum of Art, 1986. Song Ceramics from the Kwan Collection, Gerard Tsang, Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1994. Freedom of Clay and Brush through Seven Centuries in Northern China: Ts'u-chou Type Wares, 960-1600 A.D., Yutaka Mino, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 1980. Chinese Ceramic Pillows: The Mr. and Mrs. Yeung Wing Tak Gift, [Yang Yongde kang li juan zeng cang zhen] Museum of the Western Han Tomb of the Nanyue King, Guangzhou, Perfekta Enterprises Ltd., Hong Kong, 1993; signed by Yeung Wing Tak. Important Finds of Ancient Chinese Ceramics Since 1949, Chinese Translations No. 1, Feng Hsien-Ming, translated by Mrs. Hing Cheung Lovell, Wen Wu, 1965, No. 9, Victoria and Albert Museum, Oriental Ceramic Society, 1967. A Legacy of Chenghua: Imperial Porcelain of the Chenghua Reign Excavated from Zhushan, Jingdezhen, Jingdezhen Institute of Ceramic Archaeology and the Tsui Museum of Art, Hong Kong, 1993. Chinese Blue and White Porcelain, 2nd ed., Duncan Macintosh, Bamboo Publishing Ltd., London, 1986; signed by the author. Blanc de Chine: The Great Porcelain of Dehua, Robert H. Blumenfield, Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, 2002. Monchrome Ceramics of the Ming and Ch'ing Dynasties, Min Chiu Society and the Urban Council, Hong Kong, 1977. Imperial Porcelain of the Late Qing from the Kwan Collection [Guan Shi Suo Cang Wan Qing Gongyao Ciqi], Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1983. Iron in the Fire: The Chinese Potter's Exporation of Iron Oxide Glazes, The Oriental Ceramic Society, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 1988. Ming and Ch'ing Porcelain from the Collection of the T Y Chao Family Foundation, Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1978. Catalogue of the Special Exhibition of Sung and Yuan Porcelains in Honor of the 60th Year of the Republic of China, The National Palace Museum, Republic of China, 1971. Chinese Blue and White Porcelain from the Pullan Collection, Spink and Son, Ltd., London, November 1998. [27]

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