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A RUSSET SKIN PALE CELADON JADE ‘SCHOLAR’ BOULDER, QING DYNASTY Katalognummer: CA0918-067 The nephrite of pale celadon color with some almost white areas. The magnificent russet skin masterfully used by the carver to enhance the dramaturgy of the depiction. Good surface finish and patina China 18th – 19th century The boulder carved with a craggy mountain scape, the front depicting a sage holding a staff crossing a stone bridge beneath an overhanging wutong tree, accompanied by an attendant grasping a large lingzhi stem, the reverse similarly carved with dominating rocky cliffs and a crane standing within the mountain crags. The present jade boulder is exquisitely carved enabling the beholder to first appreciate the luminous quality of the celadon and white jade stone highlighted against the contrast of the russet-toned deftly carved mountains. A second look observes the graduated mountains geometrically yet naturally carved. The eye is then free to roam the scene of the two wanderers, which seem so minuscule yet peaceful in the tranquil mountain landscape. The crane represents longevity and a crane standing alone can also represent success in becoming a high government official. The quality, imaginative design and technical virtuosity achieved by the carver exemplifies the zenith of jade craftsmanship achieved by the jade ateliers during the 18th and earlier 19th century. This is made even more remarkable given the rarity of such extraordinary jade material, which only became more available following the Qianlong Emperor's conquest of the Dzungar Khanate, now known as Xinjiang, between 1755 and 1759. The rarity and jewel-like quality of the present jade boulder indicates it may have been specially commissioned for an important occasion. Shape: Boulder Dimensions: Height 11.2 cm Weight: 570 grams Condition: Excellent condition with some traces of wear as expected on a jade of this age Provenance: United Kingdom private collection Literature comparison: Similar workmanship, particularly evident in the distinct sharp contours and manner of execution of the mountains, can be seen on an Imperially-inscribed pale green and russet jade boulder, Qing dynasty, from the Qing Court Collection, illustrated in The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum: Jadeware II, Shanghai, 2008, no.52; compare also the jagged rockwork on the Qing Court painting from the Qing Court Collection in the Palace Museum, Beijing, depicting the Yongzheng Emperor in various guises Yinzhen at Play: Attacking a Tiger with a Trident, illustrated in Harmony and Integrity: The Yongzheng Emperor and His Times, Taipei, 2009, p.308, pl.II-111. See also the similar style of carving of the wutong leaves on a white and russet jade boulder, Qing dynasty, imperially inscribed by the Qianlong Emperor, illustrated in Compendium of Collections in the Palace Museum: Jade 8 Qing Dynasty, Beijing, 2010, no.120. Auction results comparison: Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art. Christies, London, 6 November 2012, lot 4. (for a celadon jade boulder with a similar russet skin) Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art. Christies, Hong Kong, 30 November 2011, lot 2963. (for an imperial celadon jade rhyton with a similar russet skin) 清代青白玉”文人侍者”山子 和田青白玉,褐色沁,表面平滑磨光,包漿良好 中國,18至19世紀 雕工細膩的山子。梧桐樹下站著拄著拐杖的文人及其侍者,被崎嶇的山壁所環繞。 這個精美的山子展現青白玉的原色,與外圍的褐色沁呈現對比。文人及其侍者高雅優美地散佈在那隨形而雕的山林中。 玉石的質量、生動的設計及精湛的雕工皆有極高的水準,可推斷為18世紀至19世紀初期的作品。這顆山子的因為其玉石材質獨特、工法純熟,可推斷是為了重要場合而特地打造的。 形狀:玉石山子 尺寸:高11.2厘米 重量:570克 品相極佳,僅有與年代相符的些許磨擦 英國私人收藏 文獻參考:一件相似雕山子的作品,可參考《故宫博物院藏文物珍品全集:玉器(中)》,上海,2008年,編號52。另一件作品可參考台北故宮博物院《清世宗雍正文物大展》,台北,2009年,第308頁,圖版111。相似的青白玉褐色沁山子雕梧桐樹可參考《故宫博物院藏品大系:玉器(八)清代》,北京,2010年,編號120。 類似拍品:一件青白玉褐色沁雕山子,參考佳士得《中國瓷器及工藝精品》,倫敦,2012年11月6日,物品編號4。另一件御製青白玉山子,參考佳士得《重要中國瓷器與工藝精品》,香港,2011年11月30日,物品編號2963。 Schätzpreis 估價: € 1.500 Startpreis 起拍價: € 750

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Galerie Zacke
Titel: Auktion fine Chinese Art Japanese and Buddhist Art September, 29th 2018 at 2.30pm
Auktionsdatum: 29.09.2018
Adresse: Galerie Zacke
Mariahilferstr. 112 /1/10
1070 Wien
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