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A rare M-130 Koralle meteorological cipher machine,

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A rare M-130 Koralle meteorological cipher machine, Russian, late 1950's, No. 4013, the black painted metal casing with keyboard at the front for numbers 0-9 and the letter "X" a minus sign and return key, paper tape feed above and underneath the cover to the front is mounted the crypto unit with five electrical coding wheels each with 30 contacts at either side and four additional mechanical pin wheels that control the irregular stepping of the coding wheels, complete with separate power unit, 9¼in x 17½in x 20in (23.5cm x 44.5cm x 51cm) Fußnoten The M-130 is an electromechanical rotor-based cipher machine for teletypewriter data introduced by the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. It was distributed to all Warsaw Pact counties for the encryption of weather reports. In the case of war, these countries would need to have accurate weather reports and as the existing NATO sources would be unavailable to them a Meteorological Services network was created using M-130's. For further information see:

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