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Auktion: Antique Arms and Armour and Modern Sporting Guns
wurde versteigert am: 17. November 2008
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A pair of large bore Irish flintlock traveling pistols by John Murphy Dublin, circa 1815-20

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Each with 4 1/2 inch brown twist barrel in .74 caliber smoothbore, the sighting flutes marked Dublin and stamped with Irish Registry marks. Engraved tangs. Engraved locks with French cocks, bolted safeties, semi-waterproof pans, roller-mounted springs and signed Murphy. Engraved triggerguards with half-cock safeties. Small silver buttcaps. Silver wrist escutcheons bearing a crest: a swan rousant, it's wings raised and addorsed, in it's beak a thistle. Full walnut stocks with checkered bag-shaped butts. Condition: Very good. Barrels showing much thin Damascus pattern with some very minor pitting. Sharp markings. Locks with silver-grey patina. One lock does not hold on full cock. Sound wood showing scattered dents and scratches, one pistol with deep bruise above butt. See Illustration

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Titel: Antique Arms and Armour and Modern Sporting Guns
Auktionsdatum: 17.11.2008
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