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Auktion: Fine European Works of Art & Clocks
wurde versteigert am: 27. März 2019
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Schätzpreis: 200 £ - 300 £
ca. 260 $ - 390 $
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A LATE 19TH CENTURY FRENCH PATINATED BRASS REPOUSSE WALL CLOCK BY EUGENE FARCOT in the Renaissance Revival style, the rectangular frame ornamented with trailing foliage, grotesque masks and a shell cresting, with a wooden back panel, the protruding dial with enamelled Roman numerals and gilt hands, with gilt sunburst mask pendulum swinging from the single train timepiece movement and visible from beneath the dial, 55cm high The movement is winding and ticking but not fully tested or guaranteed. Eugene Farcot was an important French clockmaker and inventor famous for his conical pendulum clocks. He exhibited numerous examples at the International Exhibitions throughout the late 19th century including a monumental example at the Exposition Universelle of 1878 which featured a huge pendulum hung from the ceiling with a bob 125cm in diameter.

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Auktionshaus: Chiswick Auctions
Titel: Fine European Works of Art & Clocks
Auktionsdatum: 27.03.2019
Adresse: Chiswick Auctions
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