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A Large and Extraordinary Group of Rare Appliquéd Wool felt and Embroidered Silk Collages of Exotic Birds, Hannah Pettigrew, English, Early 19th Century Originally all sewn on paper pages in a leather-bound album; many inscribed with the names of the birds depicted. Framed. This is an extraordinary collection of ornithologically correct bird collages assembled from wool felt and silk patches based on contemporary ornithologist such as Franz von Jacquin or Johann Andreas. The depictions include: Owl; The Barberry Falcon; Tea Pheasant; Red China Pheasant; Horned Owl on tree stump; Brown-Headed Gull; Bengal Water Rails;Green land Dove; the Porchard or Great RedHead wigeonl The Hambrough Cock; Blue Heron; Crop Bill; Numidia Crane or Dancer that Imitates a Woman; Red crested Bird; The Flammant from Cuba & the Bohamian Islands; Ostrich; The Brambling; Owl (red feet); small Owl (green twig); Black Owl; Horned Owl perched on a branch; Jay; Black Game; White Crested Turkey Cock; Muscovy Drake; The Coddy Moddy; Bengall Woodpecker; Yellow Hammer; Chaffinch; The Cormorant; The Crown Bird from Mexico; The Jacobine Pigeon; Sparrow Hawk from Abroad; Purple Bird; Moscovy Duck; Cock and Hen Summer Teal; Bantam Cock; Royston Crow; Bustard; Wild Mallard; Lesser Sea Swallow Cock; The Bustard; Lesser Swallow; Moor Hen; The Nincombar Pigeon Cock from the Island Nicombar near India; Cock Goosander; The Hen Pigeon from Nincombar from the Island Nicombar near India; Smirna King Fisher; Water Hen or Moor Hen; Turtle Dove from India; China Dove; The Baniahboro from Bengall; Sanderling from Cornwall; Yellow Starling; Large King Fisher; Wood Crow from Switzerland; Bana bird from Jamaica; Guinea Hen; Night Raven from Holland; The Rook; Yellow bird from Bengalls; White Wood Cock; Cock Butcher Bird; Madagascar Duck; The Great Sea Swallow; Pied Field fare; Turkey Cock; Brasilian Pie; Hen Dial Bird; Contra from Bengall; Great Black and white gull; House swallow; Jay from Bengall; The upright Duck; Cock and Hen Bulfinch; Black Stork; Bee Eater; Swan Wood Pigeon; Bengall Bee Eater; Lawry from Broris; Water ouzel and snipe; Turtle Dove; Virginia Nightingale, the cock; Nut Hatch; Spoon Bill Bird; Stock Dove; The Hooper or Hoopee; White China Pheasant; small King fisher; The Red Peruvion Hen; Turtle Dove; The hort buron; the Cloven Footed Gull; the Gray Seagull; Magpie. Together with a leather bound volume – with several more unframed bird pictures. Approximate 90 pieces. Each 14 1/2 in. by 9 in.

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Sotheby's
Titel: Important Americana Including American Stoneware Assembled by Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hochberg
Auktionsdatum: 21.01.2011 - 22.01.2011
Adresse: Sotheby's
New York