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Auktion: Fine Asian Works of Art
wurde versteigert am: 25. Juni 2019
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A group of three seals

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A group of three seals The first of tall and thin rectangular section, one side incised with the renwu nian date [equivalent to 1942] and the dedication to a hongxue zhuren by a Hu [Tie]an, the face carved to read Huang Beishou cang, the stone of translucent mottled mustard color; the second of tall square section, the foot incised in a thin repeating geometric band, the face carved in deep relief in archaistic dragon patterns, the stone of similar translucent khaki color; the third of square section and rounded top, the sides carved in raised relief rock and flower patterns, the face uncarved, the otherwise translucent caramel colored stone showing patches of cream towards the top and strawberry along the base. 1 3/4in (4.5cm) height of first and third (3). Fußnoten 邊款: [鴻雪軒主人屬壬午冬日胡(鐵)盫刻于羊垣] 印文: [黃北壽藏]

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Titel: Fine Asian Works of Art
Auktionsdatum: 25.06.2019
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