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Auktion: Fine Asian Works of Art
wurde versteigert am: 25. Juni 2019
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A group of six seals

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A group of six seals The first a pair of square section shallowly incised to one side in mirrored traditional landscape motifs, the faces carved to read bu dong yi bu xing qian li and ren shi you you le, shan guang wu gu jin, both carved from stone of mottled shades of crimson and brown; the second pair of similar shape each carved to one side in raised relief to depict one half of a tableau of a dragon in clouds menacing a dragon in waves, the faces uncarved, the stone whorled hues of predominantly army green and black; the third pair of regular square section with rounded tops, the faces incised to read mao lin lv zhu and hong xing zai lin, both colored a translucent russet on the heads and bases separated by a whitish gray horizontal stripe through the centers. 3 3/8in (8.5cm) height of first pair (tallest) (6). Fußnoten 印文:[不動一步行千里],[人事有憂樂山光無古今],[茂林綠竹],[紅杏在林]

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Titel: Fine Asian Works of Art
Auktionsdatum: 25.06.2019
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