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Auktion: Islamic & Indian Art including Fine Rugs & Carpets
wurde versteigert am: 11. Juli 2018
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Schätzpreis: 500 £ - 700 £
ca. 660 $ - 924 $
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A GROUP OF FIVE ARABIC MANUSCRIPTS Ottoman Provinces and Iran, 18th and 19th century Comprising an AL MUZHIR FI ULUM AL-LUGHA by SUYUTI (Egypt 1445-1505) on Arabic grammar, Arabic manuscript on paper in black ink in naskh script with red chapter headings, 270ff., plus four fly-leaves and purple end paper, each folio with 27ll., catchwords, within red rulings, re-bound within black calf binding, the text panel 14.5cm x 9cm and the folio 18cm x 13cm, additional poetry on the fly-leaf dated 1311AH (1894), labelled 'Kevorkian Collection 851'; a HADITH-E SHARIF, Arabic manuscript on paper, in black naskh script, 261ff., plus nine fly-leaves, each folio with 11ll., octagonal text panel 5cm x 5cm and the folio 10cm x 10cm; a volume of TAFSEER MAWAHIB'S COMMENTARIES ON THE QUR’AN, manuscript in Arabic (in red ink) and Persian (in black ink) in naskh script on paper, 799ff., plus one fly-leaf, each folio with 15ll., marginal notes in a variety of hands in Persian nasta’liq, catchwords, signed Qassim and inscribed Dhul Qa’da 979AH, text dated with a quatrain to 2 Shawwal, also inscribed 17 Shaban 1303AH (1885) Farhad bin Crown Prince's purchase, inscribed by another buyer Mir Baqir, labelled ‘H. Kevorkian Collection 686’, and five further library stamps, in later Ottoman tooled calf binding, spine numbered 66 in Persian numerals, the text panel 16.3cm x 9.8cm and the folio 22.5cm x14cm; a QUR’AN in naskh script, in tooled brown calf binding, inscribed ‘al seyyed alhaj hafez mustafa al tawfiqi, by order of Jami ruh Sultani 1161, the text panel 13.5cm x 7.5cm and the folio 19cm x 11.5cm; and lastly, a volume of AL KASHIF, an Arabic Syriac printed book on paper in black ink with red highlights, 160ff., plus two fly-leaves, each folio with 15ll., stamped variously ‘Librairie Generale A (Abraham) Sader Beyrouth, Librairie Universelle Khouri Beyrouth, Khalil Khouri’, within cloth binding, the text panel 14.5cm x 8.3cm and the folio 17.5cm x 11cm.

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Auktionshaus: Chiswick Auctions
Titel: Islamic & Indian Art including Fine Rugs & Carpets
Auktionsdatum: 11.07.2018
Adresse: Chiswick Auctions
Colville Road 1
W3 8BL London
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