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Auktion: Asian Decorative Arts
wurde versteigert am: 12. März 2013
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A group of eleven books on Asian art

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Including two copies of Chinese Art by R. L. Hobson, New York, 1927 (Macmillin) and New York, 1927 (Benn); An Illustrated Record of the Stanley Charles Nott Collection of Chinese Jades by Stanley Charles Nott, 1942 (#382 of 1,000); The Arts of the Ming Dynasty organized by the Arts Council of Great Britain and the Oriental Ceramic Society, London, 1958; Chinese Art from the Collection of H. M. King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden by Bo Gyllensvard and John Alexander Pope, New York, 1966; Masterpieces of Chinese Jade in the National Palace Museum, Japan, 1970; The Freer Gallery of Art I China by John Alexander Pope and Thomas Lawton, Japan, 1972; The Palace Museum: Peking by Wango Weng and Yang Boda, New York, 1982; Chinese Porcelains, the S. C. Ko Tianminlou Collection, Hong Kong, 1987 (2 volumes in the set); Jade, consultant editor Roger Keverne, London & New York, 1991; Treasures: 300 Best Excavated Antiques from China, by the China Cultural Relics Promotion Center, Beijing, 1992

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