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A fine Salvador Dalí for Schiaparelli enamelled metal 'Telephone Dial' compact, 1935

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A fine Salvador Dalí for Schiaparelli enamelled metal 'Telephone Dial' compact, 1935. un-signed with 'made in France' to interior, the dial stencilled with letters and numbers, pointer cast in one with the lid, internal mirror, diameter 8.5cm, 3in The design of this compact in 1935 marks the first collaboration between Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí That same year saw the opening of Maison Schiaparelli at 21, Place Vendôme, Paris. An identical example (with red numbers, and black letters) held in the Schiaparelli archives can be viewed via their website, which cites: 'Dalí stated in his memoirs that the Paris of the 1930s was marked ''not by the debates of the surrealists in the café in Place Blanche, or by the suicide of my great friend René Crevel but by the fashion house that Elsa Schiaparelli was to open in Place Vendôme. There, morphological phenomena took place; there, the fiery tongue of the Holy Spirit of Dalí touched down'' (The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí 1942). This example can be seen via their website here:

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