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Auktion: Printed Books and Maps
wurde versteigert am: 22. Februar 2011
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A Compleat Collection of English

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A Compleat Collection of English Proverbs, third edition, title and advertisement leaf printed in red and black, modern calf gilt, J. Hughs, 1737--FABRICIUS (JOHANN ALBERT) Bibliographia antiquaria, sive introductio in notitiam scriptorum, qui antiquitates hebraicas, graecas..., title printed in red and black, browning throughout, traces of worming in lower margin of opening leaves, modern quarter morocco, Hamburg and Leipzig, Christian Liebezeit, 1713--British Curiosities in Art and Nature, engraved frontispiece (cut to size), one folding engraved table, modern boards, Samuel Illidge, 1721--A List of the Officers of the Army and Marines... Fortieth Edition, contemporary red straight-grained morocco gilt, g.e., soiled, [1792], library stamp on verso of titles and final leaves, shelfmark on spines, 8vo; and 2 others (6)

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Titel: Printed Books and Maps
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