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A Collection of Books on Islamic Art,

Schätzpreis: 100 $ - 200 $
Zuschlagspreis:  313 $
Los-Nr. 7007, Aufrufe: 69

* A Collection of Books on Islamic Art, 19 total, housed in two boxes. Estimate $ 100-200 Property from the Estate of Benjamin and Louise Pritz, Cincinnati, Ohio Tulips, Arabesques, and Turbans: Decorative Arts from the Ottoman Empire. New York: Abeville Press, (1982). Atil, Esin. Suleymanne. Washington DC: The National Gallery of Art, (1986). Treasures of Islam. London: Philip Wilson Publishers, (1985). Treasures from the Topkapi Saray Museum (Five Volumes). Boston: Little, Brown, (1980). Akurgal, Ekrem. The Art and Architecture of Turkey. New York: Rizzoli, (1980). Aslanapa, Oktay. Turkish Art and Architecture. New York: Praeger Publishers, (1971). Atil, Esin. Renaissance of Islam: Art of the Mamluks. Washington DC: Smithsonian Institutiton Press, 1981. Signed by author. Atil, Esin. Turkish Art. Washington DC: Smithsonian Instituteion Press, (1980). Welch, Stuart Cary. Wonders of the Age: Masterpieces of the Safavid Painting. Cambridge: Fogg Art Museum, 1979. Signed by author. Khalili, Nasser. Visions of Splendor in Islamic Art and Culture. London: Worth Press, (2008). Forgotten Empire: The world of Ancient Persia. London: The British Museum Press, (2005). Atasoy, Nurhan/ Splendors of the Ottoman Sultans. Memphis: Wonders, 1992. Rice, David Talbot Rice. Islamic Art. New York: Thames and Hudson, (1975). Atil, Esin. Ceramics from the World of Islam. Washington, Smithsonian Institutional Press, 1973. Atil, Esin. The Age of Sultan Suleyman The Magnificent. New York: Harry Abrams, (1987).

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