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Approximately 85 pieces in total, 1963-2006, highlights include: 1. Poem Visuals by Andy Warhol and Gerard Malanga — The New Realism, Yeah Yeah, and Disaster Series. Printed flyer, 208 x 217 mm, Leo Castelli Gallery, Dec 16, [1964,] toning. 2. Andy Warhol Presents Mario Montez as Harlot.... Printed flyer on pink paper, 280 x 217 mm, New York, Cafe au Go Go, 152 Bleecker St, Jan 10th, [1965.] 3. Another copy. Printed flyer on gray paper, 280 x 217 mm, minor toning. 4. The Rutgers Film Society Presents Andy Warhol's Underground New York Live, with Films Starring Edie Sedgwick Gerard Malanga & Billy Linich [Billy Name]... & The Velvet Underground with Nico. Printed announcement, on red paper, New Jersey, Rutgers Film Society, March 9, [1966,] some offsetting. 5. Andy Warhol Graphics. Exhibition poster, 567 x 368 mm, Boston, Harcus-Krakow Gallery, October 13-November 14, 1970, folded for mailing, addressed to Phillip Kaplan, postmarks. 6. Fine Arts Club — New York University Presents Film Combo: Warhol/Malanga-Malanga/Warhol One Time New York Showing. Printed flyer for 1970s showing of rare films by Warhol & Malanga, including "Nair," "Couch," and the Gerard Malanga Story from "Chelsea Girls" by Andy Warhol and "Vision," Portraits of the Artist as a Young Man," and "April Diary" by Gerard Malanga Schimmel Auditorium, May 12th, [1974?]. 7. Gerald Ford Political Portraits / Flowers / Other Warhol Favorites; and new portfolios of: Mick Jagger / Drag Queens. Announcement card for Max Protech, Washington, DC, Dec 6, 1975. 8. Get ready for 10 days of strange rubbish, horsies and stuff... Warhol Festival: The Pittsburgh Playhouse. Poster for 3 Warhol films distributed by Sherpix: Trash, Lonesome Cowboys, Flesh, 435 x 280 mm, Oakland, CA, 1970s. 9. Athletes by Andy Warhol Printed illustrated leporello announcement, with separate original red invitation/ticket lettered in white, New York, Coe Kerr Gallery, December 8th, 1977. 10. 3 original photographs of "Andy at the Factory" by Gianfranco Mantegna, each 180 x 127 mm, photographer's stamp to verso, two signed by Mantegna, and notated "(Ed. B/ 1988)" and "ANDY AT THE FACTORY FOR GENOVA CATALOGUE, FEB. 1981." 11. Chantal Crousel vous prie d'assister a la presentation de "Bike Boy"/ d'Andy Warhol/ (1967). Announcement card for a screening, 105 x 150 mm, Paris, Cinema La Pagode, September 23, 1982. 12. The family and colleagues of Andy Warhol Announce a Memorial Mass [WITH] Please do not send flowers. If you wish make a contribution in Andy Warhol's memory to the Coffee Pot.... Invitation and donation card for Andy Warhol memorial, April 1, 1987, St Patrick's Cathedral. 13. Andy Warhol Most Wanted Men. Exhibition poster, 950 x 750 mm, New York, Gagosian Gallery, 1988. 14. Andy Warhol Guns. Exhibition poster, 515 x 435 mm, London, Anthony D'Offay Gallery, 1997. WITH OTHER PRINTED EPHEMERA OF WARHOL (APPROXIMATELY 85 PIECES), housed in folio folding chemise and slipcase, morocco title label: ANDY WARHOL POP INVITATIONS AND POSTER, 1963-1980; and in folio folding drop back clamshell case, morocco title label: ANDY WARHOL INVITATIONS, POSTERS, & EHPEMERA, 1980-2006.

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