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Auktion: Fine Chinese Art
wurde versteigert am: 7. November 2019
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A blanc-de-Chine figure of the Buddha

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A blanc-de-Chine figure of the Buddha Late Ming Dynasty Finely modelled seated on a lotus pedestal with legs crossed in padmasana, his hands resting on his feet in dhyanamudra, draped in loose robes cascading over the shoulders and tied above the waist exposing his chest with an auspicious wan character and elaborate necklace, the serene face with down-cast eyes between elongated earlobes, all beneath an urna on his forehead and a mass of tight curls covering the head, covered in a rich cream glaze. 26cm (10 1/4in) high. Fußnoten 明晚期 德化白釉佛陀坐像 Provenance: a European private collection 來源:歐洲私人收藏 Compare with a similar blanc-de-Chine figure of Buddha, 1625-1725, but without a lotus pedestal, illustrated by P.J.Donnelly, Blanc de Chine, p.151, pl.78B. See also another related blanc-de-Chine figure Buddha, Qing dynasty, from the Qing Court Collection, illustrated in Dehua Wares Collected by the Palace Museum I, Beijing, 2016, p.150, no.49.

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