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A .455 'W.S. Target Model' revolver by Webley & Scott, no. 451209

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A .455 'W.S. Target Model' revolver by Webley & Scott, no. 451209 Retaining some blued finish, the barrel with blade-foresight and sighting-rib stamped Webley & Scott Ltd., Birmingham & London, the left side of the cylinder-strap stamped "WS" Target Model, the left side of the frame stamped Webley Patents and with the maker's "Winged Bullet" trademark, the butt with chequered two-piece wooden grips and lanyard-ring 7½in. barrel, Birmingham nitro proof In a wooden box (some repairs) with Alex. Henry trade-label Fußnoten This revolver may be held under both categories of s.7 Heritage Pistols in the U.K.

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