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Auktion: Auction 01.07.2005
wurde versteigert am: 1. Juli 2005
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8,494 miles from new

Schätzpreis: 2.000 £ - 3.000 £
ca. 3.502 $ - 5.253 $
Zuschlagspreis:  5.640 £
ca. 9.877 $
Los-Nr. 635, Aufrufe: 20

8,494 miles from new 1964 FORD ANGLIA 105E DELUXE TWO DOOR SALOON Registration No. DTW 294B Chassis No. Z22D 175045K Engine No. 29404 Blue with two-tone blue interior. Engine: four cylinder, overhead valve, 997cc, 39bhp at 5000rpm; Gearbox: four speed manual; Suspension: front, independent coil springs, rear, semi-elliptic leaf springs; Brakes: drums all round. Right hand drive. By 1959 Ford's Anglia had carved out a sizeable niche for itself in the rapidly recovering post-war economy. Originally introduced in 1939, and radically updated in 1953, the Anglia served the lower end of the market well, but its popularity reached new heights with the introduction in 1959 of the all new 105E model. This used a brand new overhead-valve engine which was reduced in size to 997cc and yet offered vastly improved performance as well as better economy, helped in no small way by the use of a four speed gearbox for the first time in this sector. This advanced technology was wrapped in an all-new and highly modern body shell that simultaneously referenced both Italian and American styling cues, and which was, importantly, unique to the Anglia (the Prefect simply received the new engine but retained its old shape). The Anglia was now a distinct model, and its popularity is evident from the production figures: 1,004,737 units were produced between 1959 and 1967. The 105E's enduring appeal is still clearly visible through the strong owners clubs in evidence around the world, not to mention a starring turn in the Harry Potter novels. The example included here is a particularly rare find. A deluxe model (which featured more chromework as well as opening rear quarterlights), it has covered just 8,494 miles since rolling off the production line at Dagenham in 1964. Its blue paintwork is entirely original and in very good condition, as is the two-tone blue interior. Rare indeed is the opportunity to purchase such an unmolested icon of Sixties style, though it must be borne in mind that this car has been stored for over twenty-five years and will need light recommissioning before it is ready to drive on the road. The car is sold without documentation. ready to drive on the road. The car is sold without documentation.

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 01.07.2005
Auktionsdatum: 01.07.2005
Adresse: Christie's
Gables Service Station