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Auktion: The Scottsdale Auction
wurde versteigert am: 17. Januar 2019
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2018 Bugatti Chiron VIN. VF9SP3V3XJM795072

Schätzpreis: 2.800.000 $ - 3.300.000 $
Zuschlagspreis:  n. a.
Los-Nr. 73, Aufrufe: 179

7,933cc Quad-Turbocharged W16 Engine Duplex 32-Point Electronic Fuel Injection 1,500bhp at 6,700rpm 7-Speed Twin-Clutch Manual Automatic Transmission 4-Wheel Independent Suspension 4-Wheel Disc Brakes All-Wheel Drive *The epitome of hypercar achievement *1 of only 500 to be built over the model run *Only 365 delivery miles *Considered by many to be the ultimate road-going machine THE BUGATTI CHIRON In the spring of 2000, Dr. Ferdinand Piëch, then chairman of the Volkswagen Group, stood before industry notables at the Geneva Auto Salon, and in reserved, yet convincing tones, pronounced that subsidiary Bugatti would produce a supercar — armed with 1,000 horsepower and assigned the goal of accelerating from 0 to 60mph in less than three seconds, reaching speeds over 250 mph, and cossetting the occupants in comfort and luxury. Applause, and some amused barks, greeted Piëch's remarks — only a few production cars of the day could exceed even 600 horsepower — but no one dared doubt the man who had engineered the all-conquering Porsche 917 racecar, for years the fastest machine on pavement. Piëch's legendary mania for perfection meant that Bugatti would be free to utilize every resource in its quest. Five years later, Piëch's promise was fulfilled by the Bugatti Veyron, which astonished the automotive world with a 1,001bhp quad-turbo 16-valve engine that elevated the mid-engine two-seater into the realm of the hypercar. Piëch's plan, of course, included further development of the Veyron, which culminated in the 1,183bhp Super Sport setting a land-speed record of 267.8mph. The success of these thrusts into the future of the automobile only fed the fires that had forged the Veyron, and the result is the spectacular motorcar offered today, the Bugatti Chiron. Named after Louis Chiron, a legendary Bugatti driver, the Chiron shares much with its forerunner, including the carbon-fiber structure, Haldex all-wheel drive, independent suspension with limited slip differentials at each axle, and W16 quad-turbo engine. Bugatti learned much from the Veyron's ten-year production run, from countless hours of testing and development, and from customer feedback, that the Chiron is vastly improved in every dynamic measure: stability at high speed, road-holding, passenger comfort, ease of driving, and, in the most telling area for a hypercar, power delivery. It would take several volumes of dense engineerese to fully explore the Chiron's technology. A few examples of this progress include a monocoque structure that's 8-percent stiffer than the Veyron's, putting it on par, says Bugatti, with the chassis of an LMP1 endurance racer; a new adaptive suspension system; active underbody aerodynamics; a stiffer and wider carbon-fiber chassis; the largest clutches ever fitted to a production car; and a superior wheel and tire setup. The longer, lower, and wider Chiron also sports a new look, dominated on each side by the Bugatti "C," which forms historic ties to such classic Bugattis as the Type 57SC Atlantic. However, more than simply a visual homage, the two are principally large intake scoops for engine cooling, a striking example of the Chiron's design philosophy: "Form follows performance." Another, less apparent melding of design and function are two inlets inboard of the front headlamp arrays that channel air to the massive front brakes. Numerous other visible and hidden technical tricks serve to keep the Chiron firmly planted at the same time its mechanicals are treated to conditions favorable for survival in the face of the scorching performance and heat generated by the midship-mounted powerplant. The most powerful Bugatti engine ever, the Chiron's revised W16 is rated at 1,500PS (1,479bhp) along with a spine-tingling 1,600Nm (1,180 lbs./ft) of torque, which is delivered in an almost flat curve from 2,000-6,000rpm on the way to its peak at 6,600rpm. The power gains come from increased boost pressures from four larger turbos, two on each bank of cylinde

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Auktionshaus: Bonhams London
Titel: The Scottsdale Auction
Auktionsdatum: 17.01.2019
Adresse: Bonhams London
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