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Auktion: Auction 14.06.2019
wurde versteigert am: 14. Juni 2019
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2 prints, naga-ôban. Framed. Eisen

Schätzpreis: 400 € - 500 €
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Los-Nr. 170, Aufrufe: 34

2 prints, naga-ôban. Framed. Eisen Keisai (-- [Waitress holding a black lacquer stand]. Artist’s signature: Keisai Eisen-ga.). Mounted as hanging scroll, x cm without mounting (nicely decorative, spare colouring, medium significant amount of yellowing, visible overlapping of the two ôban, flattened crack on the mounting on the right side).-- Utamaro Kitagawa (1753-- [Courtesan observing children dressing up as samurai and applying make-up, poem]. From the series Kindai nanasai jo shika [From Chinese and Japanese Poems by Seven-year-old Girls of the Present Day]. Artist’s signature: Utamaru hitsu. Publisher: Murataya Jirōbei. 50,7 x 21,8 cm, under passe-partout, framed (significant amount of yellowing). Joined, 3 prints, framed: Utamaro Kitagawa (1753-- Bijin-ga. [Courtesan with umbrella in the rain]. Artist’s signature: Utamaru hitsu. Naga-ôban. 50,3 x 22,3 cm (significant yellowing, foxing, vertical crack on the right side).-- Isoda Koryûsai (ca. 1760-- [Couple with umbrella under tree]. Artist’s signature : Koryû-ga. Hashira-e, 67,9 x 12,5 cm (spare colour, yellowing, little spots).-- Katsukawa Shunchô (ca. 1780-- [Young girl washing cloth with her feet in a river, observed by a deity in the clouds]. Artist’s signature: Shunchô-ga, artist’s seal: Chûrin. Publisher: Chichibuya Shôzaemon. Hashira-e, x 11,3 cm (poor colouring, yellowing, plugged wormholes). (5 pcs)

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Titel: Auction 14.06.2019
Auktionsdatum: 14.06.2019
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