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Auktion: Auktion 30.08.2014
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1989 RAM Shelby Cobra Replica

Schätzpreis: 28.000 £ - 33.000 £
ca. 46.764 $ - 55.115 $
Zuschlagspreis:  27.000 £
ca. 45.094 $
Los-Nr. 290, Aufrufe: 132

Ram Automotive cars although similar in appearance to the other Cobra replicas are totally different under the double-skinned fiberglass shell. Instead of a ladder frame chassis, there is a full space frame which was developed in conjunction with the race car constructors, Reynard. Adrian Cocking is the man behind Ram Automotive, an ex-Dax employee who left to set up his own business. The very nature of the Ram's chassis construction gives increased rigidity over most ladder frames and offers benefits in the cars handling. Jaguar top and bottom wishbones are hung onto the front of the chassis and used in conjunction with up-rated road springs and dampers. At the rear of the car, a modified Jaguar XJ series rear axle is used with narrowed drive-shafts. The space frame design offers the safety conscious a well braced body shell, there are many impact absorbing zones and the driver is surrounded by substantial framework. Also the fuel tank is set deep into the chassis behind the seats for protection. Most Ram Cobra replicas were fitted with a mildly tweaked Rover V8 engine, in some cases a large American V8 unit was used giving similar performance to the original Shelby Cobra. This RAM Shelby Cobra was commissioned in November 1991 and completed in October 1992. Fitted with a 1968 Ford five litre V8 from a Shelby Mustang, it has had a long and interesting history being used as a show and press car in the 1990's. In 1994, it was used as a centre piece by Carroll Shelby at the Autosport Racing Car Show at NEC Birmingham, for the UK launch of the Shelby Transplant Trust, where he inspected and drove the car giving his approval and signing the dash board and inside the engine compartment. Later in 1994, he drove the car again as one of the featured lead cars in the Innes Ireland Memorial Rally alongside other famous drivers Stirling Moss, Roy Salvadori, Jack Brabham and Derek Bell to name but a few. In 1997, the engine was overhauled by Connaught Competition Engines, where the speedo was reset to zero. A new soft top and tonneau cover, made in mohair, was fitted in the summer of 1999. The vendor purchased the car in June 2001 and, in the following year to solve an overheating problem in traffic, had the water pump replaced, the radiator re-cored, replaced the electric fans and had air baffles made to direct the air flow around the engine compartment. The car comes with a V5 registration document, an MoT test certificate, history files and photographs of the car at events and the old MoT certificates verifying the mileage of 3,800 since the engine rebuild. Here is one of the best Cobra Replicas ever built which has been fully endorsed by the original extraordinary designer.

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Titel: Auktion 30.08.2014
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