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Auktion: Auction 24.04.1999
wurde versteigert am: 24. April 1999
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Schätzpreis: 30.000 $ - 40.000 $
Zuschlagspreis:  34.500 $
Los-Nr. 64, Aufrufe: 146

1967 MASERATI GHIBLI 4.7 LITER COUPE Chassis No. AM115078 Red with black leather interior Engine: in-line V8, twin overhead camshafts, (4719cc), 330bhp at 5,500rpm; Gearbox: five speed manual; Suspension: upper and lower A-arms with coil springs and anti-roll bar in front with rear radius arms and semi-elliptic leaf springs; Brakes: four wheel discs. Left hand drive. By the time the Maserati Ghibli left the factory in Modena, the company had been successfully building luxury supercars for more than a decade. At the heart of their designs were two outstanding engines: the 3500cc six and the 4719cc V8, both of which had twin overhead camshafts and provided enough power to sweep the six cylinder Sebring and the sumptuous V8 Mexico four seater coupe up to 138mph at the driver's command. First introduced at the Turin Auto Show in late 1966 as a two door, two seater coupe, production of the Tipo 115 Ghibli swiftly came to include a very attractive open spider as well. It was initially developed from the Maserati Mexico and, as a result, shared its very capable tubular, well boxed, stiff, steel chassis and its well-proven independent front and live rear axle suspension layout. Weighing only 3000 lbs, nearly 1000 lbs less than the Mexico, the car was clad with a sensationally exotic bodyshell of great elegance designed by Giugiaro and built by Ghia. With the introduction of the Ghibli, Modena became a three car town as Ferrari and Lamborghini were faced with additional competition for the first time in many years. The altogether pleasing Maserati Ghibli became a mainstay of Italian design until 1972 when series production was abruptly ended, leaving the Ghiblis, especially the early ones, to enter the ranks of prized collections as true historic and important collector cars. Chassis number AM115078 is believed to be the 39th out of only 1149 cars built between 1967 and 1972. An exceedingly original car, it reflects the Giugiaro design in its early and unaltered conception as first presented in 1966. The current vendor purchased the Ghibli in 1992 from restorer, Mr. David George and it is believed to be four owners from new. The owner reports the Ghibli to be in excellent condition. Most recently the car was completely overhauled by Kiwi Engineering of Old Saybrook, Connecticut at a cost of over $22,000. Work included a reground crankshaft, new main and rod bearings, pistons, rings, timing chains, totally rebuilt cylinder heads and carburetors and motor mounts. Additionally the clutch, brake and exhaust systems were also completely overhauled. During the winter of 1998, the car was stripped to bare metal, the rocker and floor panels were replaced, and then the car was resprayed in its original vibrant red paint scheme. The original interior is of black leather with black wool carpets neatly finished with a white headliner, all of which are in original condition and are reported to show a nice patina. All dashboard instruments are in original condition and are reported to be in good working order. Pre-dating United States emissions and safety regulations, the early 4.7 liter Ghiblis are known to out-perform the later 4.7 and 4.9 liter models which were altered in an effort to overcome the downfalls of the U.S. regulations. This Ghibli is reported to come with its original tool and jack sets in their leather rolls, the original manuals, the attractive and sporting Campagnolo knock off alloy wheels and its period 8 track tape deck. The Maserati Ghibli is widely respected as one of the most affordably priced collectible sports cars built, and as the Maserati Buyer's Guide states, A final way of describing this big, fast cruiser would be to say that the Ghibli is comparable to the Ferrari Daytona but at one quarter the price .

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Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 24.04.1999
Auktionsdatum: 24.04.1999
Adresse: Christie's
New York, Park Avenue