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1921 Norton 16H Combination Registration no. OH 9533 Frame no. 4542 Engine no. BA 2615

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James Lansdowne Norton produced his first machine in 1902, a small capacity French Clement engine in a 'beefed-up' bicycle frame; called the 'Energette'. Peugeot, Moto Reve and JAP engines were housed in Norton's frames in the early Edwardian period and it was not until 1908 that Norton manufactured his own power plant; a large capacity single cylinder engine of 600 cc capacity and fitted to his Model 1, also known as the 'Big 4'. The following year there was a '500' in the range and appropriately designated as the Model 2. With the introduction of the Sturmey Archer gearbox in 1915, the 500 side valve machine became the 16H (16 for the sixteenth model in the range and 'H' for 'Home market'; vis a vis the 17C, which was the seventeenth and Colonial variation which, amongst other slight variation had a two inch higher ground clearance to accommodate the rough roads in the British colonies). The 16H remained in production for almost 40 years; about 100,000 War Department machines were produced for the 2nd world war conflict. The best years were the early twenties because they were still light and hence competitive. In the 1920 Isle of Man Senior TT the 16H Norton came second, 4th, 7th, 8th, 10yh and 11th, with 5 retirements; they dominated the event. 1921 was disappointing for the Norton team with many retirements, but they were still a very fast and sporting machine. At Brooklands, the 'Wizard of Speed', Dan O'Donovan and his team of riders captured the majority of the World Speed records on highly tuned versions. The machine offered here is an exceptionally original motorcycle and in excellent condition. It was discovered by the last owner, who passed away 19 years ago, inside a derelict barn in 1960 and he used it with the attached Norton sidecar. Stickers relating to the Isle of Man in 1973 and '74 indicated he made at least two journeys to Monas Isle. Some years later the side car was removed and the machine used as a solo mount. It was sympathetically restored in the seventies and it retains its original factory specification in all areas. Last used and taxed in 1997 it has been stored in a dry barn and will need very little work to bring it up to first class condition. The side car is an original Norton chassis of the same period, but has had a new aluminium body fitted, probably made in the sixties. All the correct fittings are present and consequently the new owner will have the choice of either two or three wheeled vintage motorcycling for the Banbury run, a Vintage meeting or a trip to the local pub. A great opportunity.

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