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1920 (March 25) Letter from Terence MacSwiney to Michael Collins

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1920 (March 25) Letter from Terence MacSwiney to Michael Collins
Signature: Medium: Dimensions: Provenance: Exhibited: Literature: A one-page autograph letter in black ink on ruled notepaper, with Dáil Éireann hand stamp dated 29 March, 1920. MacSwiney's reaction to Tomás Mac Curtain's murder, written five days later. He writes, ... 'I am having an independent report of the inquest taken and will supply you with a copy', Collins' assassination squad later hunted down and killed the police officers involved in the attack. RIC District Inspector Oswald Swanzy, who had ordered the attack, was shot dead with Mac Curtain's own revolver while leaving a church in Lisburn, County Antrim on 22 August 1920. Macswiney ends with an assurance that 'we are calm and resolute'. Tipped onto linen-backed paper. On 20 March 1920 Tomás Mac Curtain, Sinn Fein Lord Mayor of Cork, was shot dead in front of his wife and son by a group of men with blackened faces, who were found to be members of the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) by the official inquest into the event. His successor to the position of Lord Mayor was Terence MacSwiney, author of this letter. Historica more

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