The Arthur Gray Collection of Australia Queen Elizabeth II Decimal Issues

Spink London

Datum der Auktion: 24.04.2019



(x) 1972 (Aug.)-73 Rehabilitation of the Disabled 18c., two vertical strips of four, one with orange omitted, the other with orange omitted from the right half of the stamps, and a block of eight (2x4) with the first vertical row showing orange virtually omitted from the left half of the stamps

Los #: 154

Limitpreis: 5.000 £ - 6.000 £

Datum: 24.04.2019


(x) 1970 (Apr.) Captain Cook Bicentenary 5c. se-tenant strip of five, variety black omitted, fine unmounted mint. Extremely rare. BW 526cb, $25,000; S.G. 459ab, £16,000. Photo Note: One block of thirty was reported which showed the upper row with black inscription at base ("Cook Bicentenary

Los #: 117

Limitpreis: 6.000 £ - 8.000 £

Datum: 24.04.2019